Year One: 12,000 pageviews and 12 comments

For our blog's approximate first birthday, I just added a pageview counter.  The most conspicuous issue, which Jesse and I discussed at lunch today, is that our total pageviews exceed our total comments by three orders of magnitude.  This isn't a problem, per se, it was just stark.

If you have ideas for how to make Fight Entropy more comment-friendly, please leave a comment...


  1. Three orders of magnitude in what base?

  2. Many people (inc me) read most blogs through google reader. Which shields you from the comments somewhat, including whether they exist or not.

    Many blogs have a "recent comments" column, which is a good idea, to encourage commenting.

  3. Oh snap, Jesse pwnd Luke. I think if you want more comments, you probably don't want to respond to the few comments that come in with snarky lmgtfy responses. Wait, on second thought, that's the only reason I'm commenting right now so I guess keep it up.

  4. (And for readers who don't know what lmgtfy is, see http://tinyurl.com/6znzyp and then work backwards.)

  5. @Tim & Luke: Nerdy snark is the sincerest form of endearment.

    @Belette: Thanks for the suggestion! A recent comments floating page would probably help a lot.

    More generally, my intuition is that most people would rather comment on a story in the context of Facebook or Twitter or somewhere where they better know the audience they're speaking to. Perhaps we should start a Fight Entropy facebook page...