Matlab toolbox updated

I've updated my Matlab toolboxes here.

Some useful additions include scripts to flexibly coarsen spatial data, area or population weighted averages of global spatial data and a new (small) suite of network functions.


Sound pollution and sea mammals

This is a really interesting (and easy to read) article in Physics Today (I don't know why it's there) on the impact of sound pollution on sea mammals. It discusses, for example, the correlation of mass beachings and Naval sonar exercises.

Also, one sentence the author tosses out but caught me was:

"Biologists have used estimates of the population size and metabolic rate of sperm whales to calculate that those whales alone probably take about as much biomass out of the ocean as do all human fisheries."



Welcome to my blog, that may or may not work. We'll see. At worst it'll serve as an archive for interesting and useful things.

For starters:

I had a brief stint as a guest blogger on energy for ScienceBlogs:

A Planetary Perspective on the Next Generation [of energy]

Build the World’s Biggest Battery (Massive Energy Storage)

Should we outlaw discovering cellulosic ethanol?