Occasional Weekend Links

1) Neanderthals at sea

2)  As if the Industrial Revolution had never happened.

3) “We’re going to be like the Saudi Arabia of freshwater.”

4) A history of RCTs in the social sciences

5) Piketty on Russia

6) "Miscodings of rare events are likely to be asymmetric"

7)  Early humans may have resembled stressed, sweaty chimpanzees

8) Disproportionate Sterilization of Latinos Under California’s Eugenic Sterilization Program, 1920–1945

9) Nearly half of aboriginal Australians carry HLTV-1

10) Markets in abstract everything:  "I very much hope you will apply for a grant at Emergent Ventures.  Most of all, I hope you are applying with ideas that we haven’t thought of yet."


Occasional Weekend Links

1) A Bayesian take on the Fermi paradox question 

2) Non-equilibrium odds for the emergence of life

3) "[I]t is better to find realist accounts where possible. The other option is to investigate more exotic realist possibilities, which include retrocausality, "

4) Philosophy, Math Research, Math Ed Research, K–16 Education, and the Civil Rights Movement: A Synthesis

5) Evidence that the neural dimensions of concept representation are ~universal across people and languages

6) "We suggest that a thermal Hamiltonian picture of the evolution of cooperation can generate other insights about the dynamics of evolving groups by mining the rich literature of critical dynamics in low-dimensional spin systems."

7) On that note: Indirect reciprocity, social norms, and simple moral rules in the evolution of cooperation

8) Four straight days of John Coltrane.

9) Yo colleague, I heard you like meta-analysis

10) How to write a first-class paper

11) A loud-mouth theory of polarization

12) "Among black male barbershop patrons with uncontrolled hypertension, health promotion by barbers resulted in larger blood-pressure reduction when coupled with medication management in barbershops by specialty-trained pharmacists."

13) "Parent–researchers face a conundrum as they struggle to attend key conferences and further their careers while finding care for the children."

14) On the interaction between interactions and sample size

15) Economies of Scale: The Physics Basis

16) Constructal Theory ("松形") Developments in China During the Past Decade

17) "My dream at that point — and this is going to sound funny to some people — but my dream was to be on a real college campus with my backpack on, walking to class."