Landsat at your fingertips

The USGS has put together a slick GUI that let's you browse (as if it were GoogleEarth) and download Landsat data. The interface is described here.

One of my students found this and showed it to me. (Over the next few weeks, hopefully I'll be able to post much of the material and discoveries from my new course "Spatial Data and Analysis".)


What is identification?

There are relatively few non-academic internet resources on identification and causal inference in the social sciences, especially of the sort that can be consumed by a nonspecialist. To remedy that slightly I decided to tidy up and post some slides I've used to give talks on causal inference a few times in the past year. They're aimed at senior undergrad or graduate students with at least some background in statistics or econometrics, and can be found here:

Causal Inference, Identification, and Identification Strategies

Feel free to drop me a line and give me feedback, especially if somethings seems unclear / incorrect. Thanks!