Research papers + GitHub = SciGit

Eric H. (@scigit) points us to SciGit, a management platform for collaborative research papers modeled after GitHub. It's still in prelaunch but should be available soon, and you can sign up your email for the official announcement if you like.
  • Collaborate with others without the mess No more -version19 John edits anymore. Keep track of changes done by each person and see the differences between papers. Merge edits easily.
  • Version Control Made Simple Simply Drag and Drop and it’ll do the rest, no more dealing with the terminal. Supports SVN, CVS, Mercurial, and Git.
  • Supports Your Favorite Editor  Use the same text editor you have now. Have the convenience to work offline.
  • Secure Your paper would be secure and private, only accessible to whom you gave permission to.

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