Mapping climate, conflict and aid in Africa

Denyse sent us this smooth GUI for looking at real time conflict data.
The Strauss Center's Climate Change and African Political Stability (CCAPS) program has released the pilot version of its dynamic mapping tool. In partnership with AidData, CCAPS developed the online data portal to enable researchers and policymakers to visualize data on climate change vulnerability, conflict, and aid, and to analyze how these issues intersect in Africa. 
The mapping tool, which uses Esri technology, allows users to select and layer any combination of CCAPS data onto one map to assess how myriad climate change impacts and responses intersect. For example, mapping conflict data over climate vulnerability data can assess how local conflict patterns could exacerbate climate-induced insecurity in a region. It also shows how conflict dynamics are changing over time and space. 
By integrating the various lines of CCAPS research, as well as other existing datasets, the CCAPS mapping tool aims to provide the most comprehensive view yet of climate change and security in Africa. Please see click here for more information about the mapping tool. 
The current mapping tool is available through a user-friendly interface at www.strausscenter.org/ccaps/mappingtool.

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