Death threats for climate researchers

Australia's already ugly debate over a carbon tax has just gotten uglier, with a host of climate scientists reporting that they are receiving death threats:

The revelation of the death threats follows a week of bitter exchanges between the government and the opposition in the wake of a pro-carbon price TV advert featuring actor Cate Blanchett.

The Australia National University (ANU) in Canberra said that it has moved a number of its climate scientists to a secure facility after they received a large number of threatening emails and phone calls.

Ian Young, ANU's vice-chancellor, told ABC national radio that the threats had worsened in recent weeks.

"Obviously climate research is an emotive issue at the present time," he said.

Unfortunately, I doubt that this phenomenon is somehow uniquely Australian. And given the similarity between the US and Australia (especially in media coverage...) it makes me feel more than a bit queasy about the path to carbon regulation on our end.

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