Nature Outlook Issue on Biofuels

Nature put together a nice compilation of articles on the many issues associated with biofuels. Available articles for free online here (listed below).

Introduction: Next generation biofuels

Proponents of biomass-based fuels push for sustainability against a steady tide of conflicting analysis, but can advanced biofuels cut the mustard? 

Agriculture: Beyond food versus fuel
The most controversial aspect of biofuels is the perceived competition for farmland. Will advances in biofuels and agriculture send this trade-off speeding towards the history books? 

Fuel options: The ideal biofuel
A biomass-based fuel needs to be cheap and energy dense. Gasoline sets a high standard. 

Lignocellulose: A chewy problem
The inedible parts of plants are feeding the next generation of biofuels. But extracting the energy-containing molecules is a challenging task. 

Algae: The scum solution
The green slime that covers ponds is an efficient factory for turning sunlight into fuel, but growing it on an industrial scale will take ingenuity. 

Perspective: Don't foul the water
Shifting from corn to perennial crops in making biofuels is essential to save clean water, argues Jeremy Martin 

Local benefits: The seeds of an economy
Biofuels could help poor nations modernize, but scaling up aid supported projects to commercial operations is far from easy. 

Perspective: A new hope for Africa
Bioenergy could help bring food security to the world's poorest continent, say Lee R. Lynd and Jeremy Woods. 

Policy: Fuelling politics
Biofuels have been hailed as key to reducing our fossil-fuel dependence, yet their environmental and social impacts remain uncertain. A complex task lies ahead for policy makers. 

Perspective: Lessons from Brazil
Thirty five years of experience has taught one of the world's leading biofuels producers several essential lessons, which other countries should heed, says Marcia Moraes. 

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