Open Climate Science 101

David Archer over at RealClimate points us to the open courseware-style introductory climate science class he's now running online, Open Climate Science 101. From the write up:
You can watch video lectures followed by quizzes to challenge and hopefully stimulate your understanding, and work your way through tutorials with interactive models and simple mathematical ideas. Actually all that stuff has been available for a long time, online or in the textbook, but now it’s packaged into an interactive assessing system, which admittedly lacks the personality and finesse of our graduate student teaching assistants, but I hope it’ll get the job done. You can work at your own pace, on your own time. You don’t get University of Chicago credit, but it’s free, and if you get to the end of it you can download a certificate of accomplishment with your name and a verification code, signed by me. I hope people find it useful.
I've poked around in it and it looks pretty great. If you read this blog and find yourself wishing you knew more basic climate, this might be the way to bone up.

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