I just came across the Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development (BREAD)'s list of data sources from developing countries. Not only is there an enormous amount, but much of it is free. Selected highlights:

Malaysian Family Life Surveys (MFLS)

conducted in 1976/7 and 1988 also contain extensive histories on employment, marriage, fertility and migration. Respondents in the first wave were followed in the subsequent waves; in the second wave, a refreshment sample was added. MFLS1 (1976/77) and MFLS2 (1988) are in the public domain. 

China Health and Nutrition Survey

The China Health and Nutrition Survey was conducted in 1989 and 1991 in 8 provinces in China and provides a wealth of detailed information on health and nutrition of adults and children including physical examinations. These data are available at UNC. 

Demographic and Health Surveys

More recent fertility, mortality and health data are available from Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) . National which is DHS has been collecting national sample surveys of population and maternal and child health conducted in many developing countries since the 1980s. Data are currently collected under the umbrella of the Measure project which is administered by Macro International. Data have been collected in four waves:
    DHS-I (1986-90) 
    DHS-II (1991-1992) 
    DHS-III (1993-1997) 
    Measure (1998-present)
See the Measure DHS website for a list of countries that have been surveyed.
Yes, that last one is a personal favorite.

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