Global Policy Journal

I ran across a copy of this new journal in the lounge of the WWS.  It looks pretty interesting and boasts an impressive editorial board.  I like their approach of focusing on global issues while pursuing interdisciplinary and applied authors/readers (and I don't know any other journals that have had a contribution by General David Petraeus).

Here's the editorial statement:

Global Policy has a multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary and international outlook that is committed to developing the accuracy, forward lookingness and policy relevance of academic research. It will not privilege a particular ethnocentric approach but will reflect a multiplicity of approaches that are indicative of the emergence of a global system of multipolar governance and policymaking. 
The editors’ approach to selecting material will be:
Committed to advancing the academic study of global policy and the politics in which it is embedded; Open  to interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary contributions; Reflexive in its consideration of diverse political discourses on global problems; Engaged in respect of its contribution to public debate and understanding of urgent global policy issues and; Serious in its commitment to the publication of only world class academic scholarship and the work of key public and private figures or authorities. 
The scope of Global Policy’s content can be specified by a number of criteria:
  • 01. Globally relevant risks and collective action problems.
  • 02. Policy challenges with global impact.
  • 03. Competing and converging discourses of global policy and governance.
  • 04. Case studies of policy with clear lessons for other countries and regions.
  • 05. The interrelationship between policy, politics and institutions at the global level, with implications for institutional design. 
  • 06. Conceptual, theoretical and methodological innovations needed to explain and develop global policy.
The editors are committed to developing both the highest standards of scholarship and evidence based reasoning by authors, with the scholarly articles subject to rigorous peer review. We are at the same time committed to the effective communication of research in the most accessible and professional fashion. We shall use a set of editorial conventions that do not compromise on accuracy and the proper explanation of methods, but that do systematically prioritise readers’ interests in the excellent presentation of data and complete clarity of exposition. We shall seek to engage meaningfully with the widest range of readers and contributors

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