ARV recovery video

Sol and I are both reading Dean Karlan and Jacob Appel's new book More Than Good Intentions these days. It's on behavioral solutions to development problems, it covers a good deal of very current applied development economics, and we'll be throwing a review up on the blog shortly (thus far I've enjoyed it enormously).

In the meantime, though, I thought I'd link to what I think is a stellar example of just such a behavioral solution to a development problem, namely, this ad for anti-retroviral AIDS drugs:

How is that behavioral? Well, I think it's one thing to hear about the remarkable reversal of decline that ARVs bring about in otherwise-terminal AIDS patients. It's another thing to see it and identify with it. That may seem obvious, but Karlan and Appel's book is one of the first to discuss marketing in the context of development solutions. I think that's a lovely way, to piggyback on Sol's earlier post, to benchmark just how far development economics still has to go.

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