Sense and Sustainability

I recently "discovered" a great podcast: Sense and Sustainability.  Impressively, it's run by Jisung Park, a PhD student at Harvard econ, along with his colleagues (clearly none of them have reached the dissertation-writing-panic-stage of their respective programs). Check it out.

Sense and Sustainability is a production devoted to exploring the diversity of perspectives on issues of sustainable development. This semi-weekly podcast features guests from a range of disciplines, in an attempt to provide a more holistic sense of what we mean by ”sustainability”. We seek to provide a forum for educated yet accessible, incisive yet balanced conversations about a broad range of issues pertaining to global sustainable development. 
You can download episodes from our website www.senseandsustainability.net, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes (search: “Sense and Sustainability”). 
Sense and Sustainability is a collaborative effort with Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development at Columbia University.

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