Five years later, five myths about Africa

Scott Baldauf, Africa bureau chief of The Christian Science Monitor has a interesting and anecdote-rich piece from last week in which he lays out five common myths about Africa that keep coming up in his work. If you're feeling impatient, the five points are:
  1. Africa is 'poor'
  2. Africa is 'violent'
  3. Africa needs our help
  4. Africa is 'backward'
  5. Africa is a country
That he considers none of these to be true isn't necessarily surprising (the idea of Africa being a country is so commonly joked about that there's a major Africa blog titled "Africa is a country"), but it is a nice little summary of the difficulty of trying to "understand" an entire continent, and one that I largely agree with. Though let's not forget that even that is not an uncontroversial idea.

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