Weekend Links

1) Round up of recent causal evidence linking lead poisoning to violent crime (above figure shows Kevin Drum's rework of Billings and Schnepel Fig. 5; see here for more background)

2) 4000+ years of art from 40,000+ years ago.

3) "They say it’s highly likely that Chinese officials manipulated how deaths were reported in order to stay beneath the [fatality] ceilings."

4) John Coltrane and dynamic geometry.

5) Calling BS in the age of BD (a syllabus).

6) "Given the pace of technological advances, it is inevitable that realistic robots specifically designed for people’s sexual gratification will be developed in the not-too-distant future."

7)  “omg, we can now compute the Hermitian form on any irreducible representation, lol.”

8) The importance of school principals as middle managers.

9) "A liberal education that does not cause moments of acute discomfort is a failure."

10) Some species-level updating of priors, courtesy of Tyler Cowen.

11) "I'd like to close the chapter of my life that involves complaining about macroeconomics."

12) Kayfabe and the emotional construal of political reality.

13) "Homotopy type theory is a ~new branch of mathematics that combines aspects of several different fields in a surprising way."

14) Cryptocurrency bubbles and value as myth

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