Extended weekend links

1) How to design things in a way that defends a billion people’s minds from getting hijacked.

2) On driverless trucks and universal basic income.

3) Is the Macroeconomy Locally Unstable and Why Should We Care?

4) “The most dramatic moment of learning in my life happened in less than a second. And that was sticking my head in the water at Shemya Island,” Estes recalled. “We were in this sea of just sea urchins. And there was no kelp anywhere. Any fool would have been able to figure out what was going on.”

5) Why not just buy out the US coal industry?

6) "We also turned up significant racial disparities, just as Holder feared. In forecasting who would re-offend, the algorithm made mistakes with black and white defendants at roughly the same rate but in very different ways."

7) Ridership on the New York City Subway accounts for all of the transit increase since 2005.

8) We need a species-wide conversation about the future of human genetic enhancement.

9) "We find that expansions of transportation networks have significant health costs in increasing the spread of viruses."

10) "Many of our expert epigenetics research colleagues are deeply embarrassed by the warm, uncritical response their work has attracted from the social sciences,"

11) In the early 1990s recovery, 125 counties combined to generate half the total new business establishments in the country. In this recovery, just 20 counties have generated half the growth.

12) "Without a model as a fortification, we found ourselves rambling around the countryside like all the other pundit-barbarians, randomly setting fire to things."

13) "Taken together, the combination of sorting and bargaining effects explain about one-fifth of the cross-sectional gender wage gap in Portugal."

14) An analysis of Jevon's salad: "It takes around 23 kg of fossil fuels for us to produce 1 kg of lettuce."

15) "We’ve been running TPUs inside our data centers for more than a year, and have found them to deliver an order of magnitude better-optimized performance per watt for machine learning. This is roughly equivalent to fast-forwarding technology about seven years into the future (three generations of Moore’s Law)."

16) Are guns and knives substitutes?

17) "The long-term consequence of such effects is an expected genetic deterioration in the baseline human condition, potentially measurable on the timescale of a few generations in westernized societies, and because the brain is a particularly large mutational target, this is of particular concern."

18) Josh Angrist has some very nice regression recap slides in the Mostly Harmless Big Data course on MIT OCW

19) Virtual reality and the nonhuman lived experience

20) "Three years ago, turf cutters in Ireland’s Offaly county found over 100 pounds of bog butter inside a keg. It was estimated to be 5,000 years old."

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