REDD Metrics

Marshall points us to reddmetrics.com, a neat blog/company that FE readers might appreciate:

Founded in early 2011, REDD Metrics, LLC, applies innovations in large-scale spatial data processing to questions in environmental and resource economics.
 The blog is sparse but has several cool posts. They also seem to working on some interesting long term projects:
Large-scale implementation of change detection algorithms
Employing the power of cloud computing to detect changes in earth systems using satellite imagery over wide geographic areas. 
Economic analysis of natural resource use and management
Identifying economic determinants of resource consumption. For example, how do interest rates or agricultural prices affect the rate of forest clearing in Indonesia? 
Predictive modeling of spatial processes
Using massive spatial datasets and cutting-edge spatial modeling techniques to predict the flow of environmental phenomena over space and time. 
Development of mobile apps to disseminate and collect environmental data
Enhancing on-the-ground natural resource management by syncing local field data with indicators from large-scale spatial datasets.

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