Help map agriculture in Africa

Lyndon Estes writes
I have been working with Kelly Caylor developing a crowdsourced crop mapping project that is ready for some user testing.  I have asked my network of friends to test it a bit, in the hopes that we can see how the system performs, and get some initial data to show at my talk on this project next week at AGU.  
His instructions:
Hello Friends, I am kindly requesting your help with a research project. Our goal is to use crowdsourcing + google satellite imagery to map crop fields in Africa. We have just developed our prototype, which connects users on Amazon's Mechanical Turk Service to our field mapping interface.  
So, if any of you had a few minutes to spare over the next few days and an Amazon account (it's very easy to register as a Mechanical Turk user if you have an account, and not much harder to get an Amazon account if you don't have one), I would be very grateful if you could join up and map a few fields. The link below is to our website, which describes the registration and mapping process further.  
This project will be a for-pay endeavor within a few weeks, but for this stage when we are still working out bugs, we are going through Mechanical Turk's testing site (workersandbox.mturk.com), which pays fake money. Once you have registered, please go to sandbox to look for our HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks).  
Your help and feedback will be greatly appreciated, both for development purposes and for providing some data that I can include in my presentation on this project (Tuesday in San Fran).  
Thanks, Lyndon 

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