Columbia University's Sustainable Development PhD Graduates of 2011!

On Saturday, six of us from Columbia University's PhD program in Sustainable Development graduated amid great fanfare. In reverse alphabetical order (since Ram got to walk across the stage first):

Marta Vicarelli wrote the dissertation "Essays on Climate Risks and Vulnerability-Reduction Strategies" and will be an Assistant Professor of Economics at University of Massachusetts Amherst following a Postdoc at Yale University.

Anisa Khadem Nwachuku wrote the dissertation "Critiquing Economic Frameworks in Sustainable Development: Health Equity, Resource Management and Materialism" and is working for McKinsey & Company.

Gordon McCord wrote the dissertation "Essays on Malaria, Environment and Society" and will be an Assistant Professor at the School of International Relations & Pacific Studies at University of California San Diego.

Chandra Kiran Krishnamurthy wrote the dissertation "Essays on Climatic Extremes, Agriculture and Natural Resources" and will be a Postdoc at Umeå University of Sweden.

Solomon Hsiang wrote the dissertation "Essays on the Social Impacts of Climate" and will be a Postdoc at Princeton University.

Mukul Ram Fishman wrote the dissertation "Theoretical and Applied Dimensions of Natural Resource Management" and will be a Postdoc at Harvard University.

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