G-ECON and SAGE data in Google Earth

I was working with William Nordhaus's G-ECON dataset and the SAGE cropland datasets, so I figured I would format them for Google Earth.  (In an earlier post, I explained how to do this with your own data).

Here they are for download, if you'd like to explore them. (Instructions: Download the file, and double click it to open it in google earth.  They all change with time, which you can control with the slider at the upper left of the screen.  The images may take a second to load. You can save the file in google earth by dragging the layer to "my places" so google earth will always open it when it starts up.)

Gross Cell Product (Data from G-Econ)
Log10 Gross cell product (like GDP, but higher resolution)
(Data from William Nordhaus's G-ECON project)

Fraction of land cultivated
(data from SAGE)

Also, since I posted this last time

Maximum tropical cyclone windspeed
(data from LICRICE)

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