Sustainable Development PhD Research Symposium Oct 28th

Here is the Earth Institute announcement for an upcoming event at Columbia University on October 28th.

Sustainable Development Ph.D. Research Symposium

Date: Thursday, October 28th
Time: 4.00-6.30 PM
Location: Jed D. Satow Conference Room; 5th Floor, Lerner Hall; Columbia University

The first annual Sustainable Development Ph.D. Research Symposium has been scheduled for Thursday, October 28th, 4.00-6:30 PMin the Jed D. Satow Conference Room (5th Floor, Lerner Hall).
The purpose of the symposium is to showcase the pioneering research of the Ph.D. Program in Sustainable Development’s 5th and 6th year doctoral candidates to the wider Columbia University community and invited guests from the private sector, governments, and NGOs. It will be attended by: the Director of the Earth Institute, Prof. Jeffrey Sachs; the Dean of the School of International and Public Affairs, Prof. John Coatsworth; the program’s Academic Directors, Prof. John Mutter and Prof. Wolfram Schlenker; and many of the program’s core faculty.
The symposium will consist of a series of short presentations, followed by short question and answer sessions and a general discussion.  The topics of the presentations will cover many of the most pressing global sustainability issues, including the global economic losses to tropical cyclones, the future of India’s dwindling groundwater resources, drought and floods and poverty traps in rural Mexico, the effects of climate change on Indian agriculture and the connections between Malaria ecology and demography.

(1) Chandra Kiran Krishnamurthy: A Quantile Regression Approach to Estimating Climate Change Impacts on Crop Yields. [Link to Chandra's profile].
(2) Gordon McCord: Improving Empirical Estimation of Demographic Drivers: Fertility, Child Mortality & Malaria Ecology. [Link to Gordon's profile].
(3) Anisa Khadem Nwachuku: The Materialism Paradigm: Neither Sustainable, nor Development. [Link to Anisa's profile].
(4) Marta Vicarelli: Exogenous Income Shocks and Consumption Smoothing, Strategies Among Rural Households in Mexico. [Link to Marta's profile].
(5) Jesse Anttila-Hughes: The Long Term Fertility Impacts of Natural Disasters. [Link to Jesse's profile].
(6) Ram Fishman: How Low Will It Go?  The Future of Groundwater Tables and Irrigation in India. [Link to Ram's profile].
(7) Solomon Hsiang: Global Economic Losses to Tropical Cyclones. [Link to Solomon's profile].
(8) Aly Sanoh: Municipal Taxes, Income, and Rainfall Uncertainty. [Link to Aly's profile].

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