A new website launched by a group in the UK makes accessing, analyzing and sharing time series data simple:


Similar to gapminder.org, the target audience is the public.  The site is well put together, letting me make this graph and embed it in about a minute.

Data from Timetric.

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According to their About page:

timetric.com's full of indexes and indicators about nearly every part of your life and your business, from finance to weather to politics to sport. We're here to help you find the data you need, to use it and make sense of it, and to compare it with your own data. (The fancy name for this sort of thing is time series analysis).
We want to make your insights easy for you to share, so you can embed the indexes on timetric.com into your blogs and websites, or share them on Twitter, with just a couple of clicks.
And so you can compare your own data with the indexes we've collected, it's really easy to import your own data; you can upload Excel (or CSV) spreadsheets or enter it in by hand.
For the programmers out there, we've got an API, and we support all the good stuff like OAuthOpenID and OpenSearch, so it's easy to integrate Timetric with other services.
We're here to help you understand the world better, and to help you make better decisions through statistics, and we're just getting started.

I'm a big supporter of all these efforts to get data out into the public domain and accessible to everyone.  Its extremely difficult to get a sense of "the world" just looking at newspapers and other media, so making this kind of data accessible is another step in the right direction.

I've added the site to our Resources page.


  1. Note: My friend Anisa Khadem Nwachuku showed me this site;)

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